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Look expensive, Shop cheap April 26, 2009

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Recession this, recession that! We are really tight with money, but still want to look fresh.  So I compiled a list of stores that sell designer labels for less:

1. Marshall’s/TJ Maxx——> These stores are if you catch a great clearance & their prices are reduced much less than the asking retail pice. And they have lay-a-way (at least it will give you time to pay for it)

2. Local consignment shops—–> I got a dope BCBG top for $13 & Ann Taylor top for $5. They sell clothing that are in great condition.buzz_pic_325

3. Goodwill stores—–> The ones in the more wealthier nieghborhoods have better stuff.

4.Amazon/——> This is a stretch. Sometimes you can find really good deals, i got a Seven t-shirt for $7 and BCBG shoes for $27.   TIP: Save items in your cart & wait a few weeks, the prices go down over time.

5. Wet Seal/Forever21 (and those type of stores)——–> I called these the “teen” stores, but if you are into the 80’s look, then they have it. I don’t think I ever seen anything over $30.


Back in Style…

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I haven’t been on in a while but I’ve been sticking to the resolutions and working on my business  (fashion design & pics coming soon). 

I have a new wardrobe to match my new attitude. If it’s different, I like it!   Sooooo, my fav style right now is: