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A New Year —> Valentine Preparation February 2, 2009

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This is my first time writing since the new year, and since I turned 26 on New Year’s Day.  I’ve set my goals in motion and working on my business Adne’ by Adrina coming soon, in transition of moving, and growing spiritually….I must admit it’s been going really well….how’s it going for you?

More soapbox—-> How do you go from lonely to a possible two V-day dates? I won’t go into detail but will say….Guy #1 is the bomb…funny, easy to talk to, and know him for years, but he’s in the process of accomplishing big goals. Guy #2 is loaded financially, but has baby mama drama, but is really nice….really.  Which brings me to this philosophy—-Money is nothing without happiness!   A lot of women run towards the man with money, but can you really be happy with a guy who has drama and money?  Personally, I would much rather the guy with goals and be truly happy than to lay in sorrow.


2 Responses to “A New Year —> Valentine Preparation”

  1. T.R. Mintz Says:

    I really enjoy your posts. I just listed my Top Ten blogs,so feel free to visit my blog to see where you ranked.Thanks for your interest in The Top Ten.

  2. Hi. Nice blog. I hope you had a great birthday. Mine was 12/26.

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