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A New Year’s Resolution December 10, 2008

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This New Year’s Day will not only be my 26th birthday, but a new beginning.  As I get older, I want every year to demonstrate that I’ve grown, work hard,  and have something new to show for it.

Every year, I set a theme. This year (2008) was “Re-construction”.  I wanted to work on myself and get rid of the things and people that I felt were dragging me down emotionally.  They were the man I was dating, the job I was hating, and the feeling of being in school forever.  I knew that I couldn’t move forward until these three problems were solved.  So what did I do? Got rid of the boyfriend (ex-boyfriend), finished my Master’s and got a better job to help a little more financially. It was the best decision I made in my life.  As I go throughout my life, my resolution is to set a theme and goals that will set me up for next year’s theme. So now that I’ve gotten better emotionally, I have the motivation to do bigger things.

Next year’s theme:  Career & Business

I want to take the first step towards starting my business.  I’ve set a few resolutions for next year, but they are still in process (lol).  1) Start my business plan in Jan.  2) Move to a city that will generate revenue. 3) Continue to work in my field of study full-time.  Saving the best for last, 4) Continue to work on myself and stay very close to God.

Of course, I hope I find “Mr. Right from God”. Love is always something I try to accomplish but next year, it’s all business, baby!


2 Responses to “A New Year’s Resolution”

  1. T.R. Mintz Says:

    I like your posts, this one in particular is inspirational for many since many are experiencing the same problems and reaching for their goals, I actually know someone who is. Sorry for taking so long to visit your site, I’ve been on vacation and am just getting back to reading and ranking blogs. My next Top Ten will be posted on Tuesday 1/13/09. Thanks for your interest and please stop by my blog and tell me what you think.

  2. I sense your ambition, good for you! I’m sure it wasn’t as easy as you made it sound to rid the negativity of your life so congratulations on doing that. I wish a fabulous year for you 🙂

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