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Listen: “Curtain Call”–Nina Sky f. Rick Ross December 11, 2008

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Remember Nina Sky’s Move ya Body?  They’re back! I kind of stumbled across this song but love it.  Check it out.

“Curtain Call”-Nina Sky featuring Rick Ross  ninasky_image1


A New Year’s Resolution December 10, 2008

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This New Year’s Day will not only be my 26th birthday, but a new beginning.  As I get older, I want every year to demonstrate that I’ve grown, work hard,  and have something new to show for it.

Every year, I set a theme. This year (2008) was “Re-construction”.  I wanted to work on myself and get rid of the things and people that I felt were dragging me down emotionally.  They were the man I was dating, the job I was hating, and the feeling of being in school forever.  I knew that I couldn’t move forward until these three problems were solved.  So what did I do? Got rid of the boyfriend (ex-boyfriend), finished my Master’s and got a better job to help a little more financially. It was the best decision I made in my life.  As I go throughout my life, my resolution is to set a theme and goals that will set me up for next year’s theme. So now that I’ve gotten better emotionally, I have the motivation to do bigger things.

Next year’s theme:  Career & Business

I want to take the first step towards starting my business.  I’ve set a few resolutions for next year, but they are still in process (lol).  1) Start my business plan in Jan.  2) Move to a city that will generate revenue. 3) Continue to work in my field of study full-time.  Saving the best for last, 4) Continue to work on myself and stay very close to God.

Of course, I hope I find “Mr. Right from God”. Love is always something I try to accomplish but next year, it’s all business, baby!