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10 Signs to Catch While Dating November 30, 2008

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Have you ever heard of the phrase “catch it while you can”? Well, it applies to the dating game too.  So often we date people knowing they’re no good for us, and continue to do so anyway.  The signs are clear and evident that this person is not and will never be your soul mate.  Then there are people who just don’t know (I’m sad to say). Well, I’ve seen it happen over and over again. So here are a few signs to catch while dating someone who is going to ultimately end up being a nightmare:


10. He/she lies for no reason. 

We all tell little white lies, but to lie for the sake of doing it… thanks!


9. He/she has no sense of setting priorities.

Does he/she buy $500 outfits and the rent is overdue? If the answer is yes, I hope he/she gets a heavy coat, you’ll need it sleeping on the sidewalk.


8. He/she has more drama in their lives than soap operas.

Leave it alone. You may be lonely, but hey, at least you’ll have your peace of mind.


7. He/she just can’t let the party life go.

Have you moved on from going out Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, but they haven’t at 30? Well, they probably never will, keep it moving.


6. He/she is “flirtatious”.

You know it kills me when people say that their spouses and/or significant others are “flirtatious”. That’s the kind of thing you do when you’re single to get someone. It defeats the purpose when you have someone. This is a clear shot down the road of infidelity, so save your gas!


5. He/she cannot stay on a job.

People, unless your significant other is getting laid off, there is no reason for someone to work “here and there” every 2 or 3 months.  Also, let’s clear up the definition of a job: A job is any type of work that you can do in front of law enforcement.  If you are not disabled, not retired, you should be on someone’s job.


4. He/she has no goals and/or working towards the ones in place.

This is easy. If he/she doesn’t want anything, they don’t want you to have anything either.  Don’t carry the dead weight.


3. He/she has too many excuses.

Not reasons, but excuses. The difference:  a reason can be overcome by taking a different path other than the initial one that kept you from reaching the goal; an excuse is being lazy.


2. He/she does not respect your opinion, does not want you to voice one, and/or gets violent.

These are control issues that will eventually lead you down a road to domestic violence.


1. He/she has no intention of marrying you (e.g. putting off the wedding over and over) and is fully satisfied with co-habiting and having children (aka “shacking”)

I know a lot of people do it, but I personally feel if I am good enough to “shack” with, I am good enough to marry. There are some women who are satisfied with it, if you are one, more power to you. By all means I’m not judging anyone, just expressing my opinion.  If he has full intention and plans (e.g. saving money) are in motion, this sign isn’t for you. Thanks!




One Response to “10 Signs to Catch While Dating”

  1. PolyD Says:

    Great wisdom there. Keep it up. More people need to pay attention to the cues. Filling up lonliness with something corrupt is not a good way to go. Keep pointing it out.

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