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Focusing In November 19, 2008

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black20womanBeing single has given me a lot of time to think about things other than men.  At 25 (26 on New Years), I am focusing on my career as well.  One thing I hate about being in my mid 20s is trying to be financially set.  The fact of the matter is what you do now will affect the rest of your life.  I just finished my Master’s and now it’s like, “what’s next”?  Living in SC, opportunities are scarce, so each day there are a thousand questions roaming through my mind. Where do I move? Should I stay here and stick it out?  What career do I really want to have?  Blah, blah, blah.  More so, at this age, you tend to put a time limit on everything.  Finish undergrad at 22, 23, go back to school, have a decent career by 25, start a business venture at 26, 27, and be married and have at least your first child by 30.  Ultimately, I’ve been leaving the answers to all my questions up to God. At the beginning of this year, I made a few resolutions: (1) to take more risks by putting all faith in Christ, (2) finish school at a decent, (3) get rid of the emotional baggage that’s been weighing me down.  I’ve accomplished all three and never felt better.  As for my timeline, I do have a decent career at 25, and a business plan for next year….we’ll see how it goes.


One Response to “Focusing In”

  1. naturalBlack Says:

    I’m 24 and I feel just like u about the decisions I make now and how they will affect my future. It’s scary. I hear ppl say let go and let God. Gotta have faith I guess.

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