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TV shows that rock or not? May 17, 2009

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the_game-show“The Game” had its season finale on Friday. The hour-long drama was well worth the wait. I won’t spill the details, but you should check it out, and all the shows for that matter at  Click on “The Game” on the left side. You can see full episodes from all the seasons.












In not so good shows—-> Bravo’s “The Fashion Show”

So Bravo got rid of “Project Runway” (the best fashion-related show yet) to air TFS. (sigh) In my opinion, it sucks! The designers and judges are no where near up to par at PR, but at least the concept is somewhat interesting. I didn’t catch Thursday’s episode but I’ll get to it. And I’m still trying to figure out Kelly Rowland’s role or expertise in fashion, hmmmm…..






But Bravo did make up their mistake but adding “Housewives of New Jersey”. I was skeptical until everyone starting talking about it and then I tuned in…folks, it was good.  Not better than the Housewives of Atlanta, of course, but it was good. (sigh of relief)

Airs: Tuesday @ 10/9c


Look expensive, Shop cheap April 26, 2009

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Recession this, recession that! We are really tight with money, but still want to look fresh.  So I compiled a list of stores that sell designer labels for less:

1. Marshall’s/TJ Maxx——> These stores are if you catch a great clearance & their prices are reduced much less than the asking retail pice. And they have lay-a-way (at least it will give you time to pay for it)

2. Local consignment shops—–> I got a dope BCBG top for $13 & Ann Taylor top for $5. They sell clothing that are in great condition.buzz_pic_325

3. Goodwill stores—–> The ones in the more wealthier nieghborhoods have better stuff.

4.Amazon/——> This is a stretch. Sometimes you can find really good deals, i got a Seven t-shirt for $7 and BCBG shoes for $27.   TIP: Save items in your cart & wait a few weeks, the prices go down over time.

5. Wet Seal/Forever21 (and those type of stores)——–> I called these the “teen” stores, but if you are into the 80’s look, then they have it. I don’t think I ever seen anything over $30.


Back in Style…

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I haven’t been on in a while but I’ve been sticking to the resolutions and working on my business  (fashion design & pics coming soon). 

I have a new wardrobe to match my new attitude. If it’s different, I like it!   Sooooo, my fav style right now is:




Hot Music!!! February 9, 2009

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jamiefoxxalbumrev2These days, Jamie and Britney are getting heavy rotation on my iPod. I swear it’s hot and all you have to do is press play.

Track Listing for Intuition

1. Just Like Me (featuring T.I.)
2. I Don’t Need It
3. Number One (featuring Lil’ Wayne)
4. Digital Girl (featuring the-Dream and Kanye West)
5. Blame It (featuring T-Pain)
6. She Got Her Own (featuring Ne-Yo and Fabolous)
7. Intuition Interlude
8. I Don’t Know
9. Weekend Lover
10. Why
11. Freak’in Me (featuring Marsha Ambrosius)
12. Slow
13. Rainman
14. Overdose
15. Love Brings Chance (Bonus)




1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
13. Radar (Bonus)


A New Year —> Valentine Preparation February 2, 2009

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This is my first time writing since the new year, and since I turned 26 on New Year’s Day.  I’ve set my goals in motion and working on my business Adne’ by Adrina coming soon, in transition of moving, and growing spiritually….I must admit it’s been going really well….how’s it going for you?

More soapbox—-> How do you go from lonely to a possible two V-day dates? I won’t go into detail but will say….Guy #1 is the bomb…funny, easy to talk to, and know him for years, but he’s in the process of accomplishing big goals. Guy #2 is loaded financially, but has baby mama drama, but is really nice….really.  Which brings me to this philosophy—-Money is nothing without happiness!   A lot of women run towards the man with money, but can you really be happy with a guy who has drama and money?  Personally, I would much rather the guy with goals and be truly happy than to lay in sorrow.


Listen: “Curtain Call”–Nina Sky f. Rick Ross December 11, 2008

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Remember Nina Sky’s Move ya Body?  They’re back! I kind of stumbled across this song but love it.  Check it out.

“Curtain Call”-Nina Sky featuring Rick Ross  ninasky_image1


A New Year’s Resolution December 10, 2008

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This New Year’s Day will not only be my 26th birthday, but a new beginning.  As I get older, I want every year to demonstrate that I’ve grown, work hard,  and have something new to show for it.

Every year, I set a theme. This year (2008) was “Re-construction”.  I wanted to work on myself and get rid of the things and people that I felt were dragging me down emotionally.  They were the man I was dating, the job I was hating, and the feeling of being in school forever.  I knew that I couldn’t move forward until these three problems were solved.  So what did I do? Got rid of the boyfriend (ex-boyfriend), finished my Master’s and got a better job to help a little more financially. It was the best decision I made in my life.  As I go throughout my life, my resolution is to set a theme and goals that will set me up for next year’s theme. So now that I’ve gotten better emotionally, I have the motivation to do bigger things.

Next year’s theme:  Career & Business

I want to take the first step towards starting my business.  I’ve set a few resolutions for next year, but they are still in process (lol).  1) Start my business plan in Jan.  2) Move to a city that will generate revenue. 3) Continue to work in my field of study full-time.  Saving the best for last, 4) Continue to work on myself and stay very close to God.

Of course, I hope I find “Mr. Right from God”. Love is always something I try to accomplish but next year, it’s all business, baby!